Bathroom Addition In Norwich, CT

You might think of a bathroom as only a place to shower and get ready, but with us, the best bathroom addition contractor Norwich, CT, it can be so much more! With our expertise in the field and choice of products, Exceptional Bathroom Remodeling can build you a bathroom that serves all the purposes you need, while making your home more attractive than ever before.

Many homeowners think about a half bath or master bathroom addition now and then, but they are dubious about how beneficial the investment would be. If you are going through such a phase, we can vouch that the addition of a bathroom will be of much help! A bathroom will be a good use of your existing space or expand your house, and it will also add to the aesthetics and privacy.

Our Bathroom Addition Service

Are you hoping to build a bathroom to your basement, laundry, or any other existing space, or do you want to build an entire new structure for a bathroom? Either way, our team is to the rescue.

Adding a bathroom is a complex task that requires various materials, products, and equipment. It would have taken one person days to only choose the lights, tiles, faucet, cabinets, toilet, sink, and so on, but we have enough expertise and manpower to take care of these for you. Hence, relying upon our team’s judgment and coordination will benefit you in the both short and long run.

Half Bath Addition

Half baths, often known as powder rooms, are usually added to the guest rooms. Half baths consist of a toilet and sink only, and are obviously smaller in size. Since there are no tubs or showers in them, they are less costly. They may not provide as much appeal as a full bath but can be useful to small homeowners. If you only have one bathroom or none and want to build a half bath in a compact space, we will get it done for you. Our craftsmanship will help you maximize the use of any space. On top of that, we will also help you choose the design of your half bath to make it appear bigger.

Master Bathroom Addition

A master bathroom addition is quite a large investment, and you wouldn’t want to go wrong with that! So, leave the work to professionals like us, and you will soon be rewarded with a master bathroom that suits your home and pleases your eyes.

We carefully install all the pieces of your master bathroom to make it whole. Once we are done, the arrangement stays as good as new for years, or even decades. So, for any type of bathroom addition, we are the ones to call.

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