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bathroom remodeling In Norwich, CT

Looking to give a renewed and refreshed look to your bathroom while utilizing the available space? Leave the job in our expert hands! With our consistent efforts and years of experience, we have successfully built our company to be the most reliable name for Bathroom Remodeling Norwich CT.

It doesn’t matter whether your need just a tub or basin installed in your bathroom, or are looking for a total bathroom remodel project, we can get it all done for you. We provide you with the best materials available in the market at the most affordable pricing, and which bathroom remodeling company can compete with that?


Remodel your bathroom without interrupting your works

Any remodeling project requires tons of time and energy if you plan on doing it yourself. Bathroom renovation, on top of that, needs much more sophisticated skills and tools, which isn’t really everyone’s cup of tea. So, you better opt for some professional bathroom remodelers for any installation or renovation. That being said, most homeowners would still not want to remodel their bathroom even when it’s desperately needed. The sheer idea of a construction project inside the house is enough to make them worried. We know the headache of it, and we have the solution for it too! Exceptional Bathroom Remodeling have top bathroom remodeling contractors for you to transform your bathroom in the least possible time. The whole project might even be finished within a day so that you can go on with your other important work.

bathroom remodeling Norwich CT

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Top Bathroom remodeling in Norwich

A bathroom renovation is much more complex than renovating any other part of your home, and this is why you should only trust specialists in this field. We have proudly been adding and remodelling bathrooms in the locality for decades now. We believe that you too would love the bathroom renovation that we can get done for you.

A Team of Experts

We had a lookout for the most skilful technicians available, and we have successfully bagged the bests of them in our team. Each of them has been carefully trained and certified to make your bathroom the most gorgeous part of your house. Other than the technicians, bathroom remodeling also requires the trading of products and materials. Finding, buying and installing these materials takes up your precious time and energy. But worry not, our tradesmen will do it all for you.

Prioritizing Your Needs

We would not have come this long way if our clients had not trusted us, and we prefer to honor that trust. This is why we check for the contentment of our clients at each phase of the service. Once you call us, we inspect your house, discuss the available looks, suggest the materials, give you estimated pricing, and visualize your bathroom as just the place that you hoped for. Even during the service, we constantly ask for your approval. Just so that you don’t have to worry about the construction project, we leave the rest of your house exactly as it was. No dust, no movement of your furniture, and no hassles for you to go through.

Endless Design Options

Are you looking for a vintage or modern look? Do you want a bathroom design that suits your existing house or one that is exceptional on its own? Any of your wishes becomes a real possibility with us. We offer you almost unlimited looks, color patterns, sizes, and decorative options. If you want a custom bathroom, we are at your service. Just share your ideas with us and it is our job to make them come to life.

Pricing That You Would Love

We are determined to provide you with a luxurious bathroom that doesn’t cost you a fortune. With us, bathroom remodel Norwich is affordable and value-worthy. From buying the materials to getting them installed, we ensure the clarity of all prices and costings. Hence, no hidden charges, only an elegant-looking bathroom that would add newer appeal to your home.

One Company for All the Services

Be it a residential or commercial service, a tiny installation or a full-fledged renovation, a budget-friendly service, or a lavish one, every bathroom remodel Norwich is possible with us. We cover the whole of Norwich and nearby localities and our customer care is open 24/7. Just contact us and get your desired bathroom service right at your home.


The cost of bathroom remodeling depends upon the size of your bathroom and the look that you are going for. A total renovation of a residential bathroom can cost between $17,000 to $39,000, or more if you have the appetite for an exquisite look.

Bathroom remodeling Norwich CT has proved to be totally worth your money. Other than updating and beautifying your bathroom, it can utilize the available space, extend the storage space of your toiletries, and make the bathroom and tub safe and slip-free. For resale, you can get as much as 60% of the return on your initial investment in the renovation.

Remodeling smaller bathrooms are particularly tricky, but with proper steps, you can get excellent results.

⦁ Allow enough natural light to get into the bathroom and choose brighter colors because it will make the space look bigger.
⦁ Mirrors are quite helpful for creating the same illusion as above, so try to add as big mirrors as possible.
⦁ You might want to add tiles to all sides of the floors and walls.
⦁ Create storage space wherever you can, i.e. behind the mirror, above the basin, etc.

about Norwich, CT

On the east side of Connecticut lies Norwich, or, deservingly named, the ‘Rose of New England’. The breathtaking beauty of the city, along with the rose-petal-like hills make it one of the most attractive cities in the US. Norwich has a total area of 29.5 square miles, which is home to more than forty thousand people. The Slater Memorial Museum of Norwich has an exotic collection of artworks from five different continents.

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